Thursday, April 6, 2023

Heading into Easter

A little post from back in the day, showcasing our annual viewing around this time.  We won't get anywhere near watching all of these now, with busyness and our second oldest ready to move on.  Fact is, the very weekend of his wedding, our oldest is graduating from college.  Also our youngest was supposed to be confirmed that weekend, but he will be going through another church a week before.  Plus our third is passing his year long training stint for his promotion at work.  Did I say May and this time in general would be busy?   

Anyhoo, that was our viewing for many a year, and this year we'll see some of it.  We already watched The Ten Commandments on a big screen and projector the family bought me for Christmas a year ago.  One of the perks of those old 'great rooms' that were all the rage some years ago.  We can fit a mighty big screen that's as close as you'll get to theaters without being there.  I must admit, seeing it up close and giant was a new way of enjoying the spectacle.  

Blogging will go back to being light as we head into Easter.  I came out of semi-retirement because of the Nashville shooting and the clear corner we turned as a nation.  Christians were killed because of the relevant church's adherence to historical Christianity - and we darn well know that plays into it.  Yet the Left made it clear we would not go there and, for the most part, our nation didn't.  No nationwide Christian prayer vigils.  No protests.  No Christian leaders decrying the horrible post-shooting vitriol from the transgender community.  The US Catholic Bishops have been silent.  Few if any even mentioned a thought or prayer, and nobody looked glaringly at the movement increasingly comfortable saying anyone who believes in boys and girls must go.  Again, because the Left is now Caesar, and as far as most Americans are concerned - including a large swath of believers and their leadership - what Caesar says, Caesar gets .

Pondering the implications of living in a hostile empire in light of Easter this year will certainly cast a new light on things.  We are no longer an anti-Christian nation.  We are a zealously pro-secular pagan nation.  There is a new god in town, and a new Caesar who rules.  Neither will tolerate disobedience and, more to the point, in most cases neither will receive any.  Nashville showed that in flying colors. 

Those few, those remnant few, who keep to the historical Faith increasingly will be targeted.  Nashville was merely a mile marker.  One more that historians will look back at and study when the inevitable question of 'what went wrong' is pondered.  

Nonetheless, all the viewing (Charlie Brown excepted) above reminds us of a time when even our entertainment industry conveyed the message of our faith in troubled times.  So let us hold firm and rejoice.  Even if the bulk of our leaders flinch and cower, we can look past them to the God we serve. Our nation says now that there is no God, and our faith is myth at best, evil at worst.  At some point, dust off the heels is an appropriate reaction. 

It won't be easy in the coming years.  But as one of my sons said, if we just take an honest look at the track record of our post-Christian nation and civilization, that alone should be enough to instill a solid faith in God's revelation that they so openly reject.  

BTW, bonus quote from one of my sons while discussing the state of things: "For moderns, perseverance is the only solution to failure." I liked that.  Because it's true.  It took the most educated generation in history to refuse to admit failure  no matter what the body count.  The problem is, so few leaders with access to the national stage will call it for what it is.  

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.


  1. We've commented before about how quickly things seem to be moving and changing in this world. Every decade seems to speed up and looking back merely ten years ago and ten years before that I would have to say what we will be stunned at what the next 3 to 5 years will bring us. Doomsayer? Nah. Just reading the signs of the times.

    1. The good news? It becomes easier to reject the World as we see where the World is going. 50 years ago? The World said 'let's all be nice, live and let live, respect each others' difference, and on and on'. Seemed fair enough. None of that sin and judgment and guilt rubbish, everyone just be nice. Now? The best of modernity today has less tolerance than a fundamentalist tent revivalist. And that's without the recent Nashville shooting in which the best responses stated that the shooter was as much the victim as the actual victims. And that was the best responses. That the World said nothing to counter that suggests strongly the mindset of the World (which is always what it has been, we were just fooled for a time).


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