Friday, April 28, 2023

Which is why charging into battle with Republicans

Is a lot like charging into battle with an accordion.  Here.  

Yep. Very few Republicans put traditional Christian values as their top priority.  I know that they'll invoke the old 'our country can't impose Christiaan values on a pluralistic nation' bilge without once acknowledging the secular left's willingness to brutally impose its godless, leftwing ideological values on our 'pluralistic' country.  

Like most things said by those left of center or surrendering to the same, it's a dodge.  By now, the old sales pitch of 'America has no right be a country based on one set of values from one civilization' should be taken as seriously as the tooth fairy.  The ones who said that did so to emasculate opposition.  Now, with a zeal that a fundamentalist Protestant in WASP America could never fathom, that same movement is seeking to convert America to its vision, and woe betide those who fail to conform. 

Again, I realize Neville Chamberlain famously received a fair amount of criticism for the Munich Conference, and rightly so.  But how much more would we shower endless contempt on him if he kept going back every year after and trying the same thing?   As we keep on accepting the same lame excuse making and mendacious justifications for surrendering to this emerging shadow, ponder that fact. 

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  1. There are four types of weak Republicans.

    The first are simply enemy agents. They want to see the agenda of the left succeed, but portray themselves as conservative for tactical or cultural reasons.

    The second are the ones that literally love losing. These are the guys that respond to election fraud by saying "well we should have been able to win by 5% or more, so it's our fault if things were close enough to steal and we deserve to lose." In their minds either conservatism is so overwhelmingly superior to the left that we should be able to win by doing literally nothing, or else we deserve to lose and take solace in how we "kept our principles" (even though we did nothing to fight for them.)

    The third are those that have no foundation. They legitimately do not like the latest overreach by the left, but they agree with the basic worldview of the left and so have no principled way to push back against it. Their the people who say things like "maybe we shouldn't allow students to mutilate our kids, but we must be sure to continually show that we support all Americans, including the transgendered." Or, along what you linked to, they will legitimately believe that there is too much abortion in the country, but when they get a chance to push back they will say things like "maybe we should just cut some funding from Planned Parenthood and limit abortions to six months or so. After all, this is a difficult and personal choice for a woman to make." They inevitably sabotage any victory out of fear of it being too "divisive."

    The fourth group is the duped. They listen to some talking head from one of the first three groups and do not really think about whether or not what they are being told makes sense. the largest of the four groups, but also the least influential.


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