Monday, March 28, 2016

The Ten Commandments still popular

I wish we could have seen it on the big screen!
Good to see.  All hope isn't lost.  I already wrote about how much I enjoy and appreciate the film.
 Last night, when we watched it on Easter on Blueray (quite a jolt of cinematic awesomeness let me tell you), we noticed just how many subtle nods to a Scriptural vocabulary are sprinkled through the movie.  We focus on the fictional love story and sexed-up elements meant to drag people away from the new invention of television.

But throughout the movie there are little statements here, or little scenes there, that all point to a Scriptural worldview that the 1950s audience would no doubt recognize faster than most post-moderns today.  A scene where the Hebrews break into temple granaries reminds one of David doing the same.  A scene in which a Hebrew slave dies in a mud pit, lamenting that he didn't get to see the Deliverer when Heston (Moses - the Deliverer) is holding him in his arms makes you think of Simeon.

So while there is plenty of pageantry and Hollywood embellishments, there are no more than modern Hollywood takes.  And many of the additions are for more noble ideas of freedom and equality than the millennial caterwauling that dominates today's ventures.

And you have the parting of the Red Sea.  What more can you want!


  1. I liked Risen (just posted a review on my blog), highly recommend that to you and yours.

    You're not wrong about how things used to be. Chuck who - at best I can say is agnostic as a reviewer (that is, you can't tell what he believes in) - notes of it as well during his review of Forbidden Planet and how things have changed.

  2. We want to see Risen when it comes out on DVD. Oddly, I have never seen Forbidden Planet either. That's also on my to-do list.


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