Friday, March 11, 2016

I would blame Trump entirely

If this was the only time I've seen this happen.  As it stands, I think Trump and the culture he has fostered deserves some of the blame.  But make no mistake, there is no greater threat to freedom or no movement more dedicated to eradicating the free exchange of ideas in an open and Democratic society than the modern Left.  This scene is playing out more and more, and increasingly with support from the institutions of authority in our country.  So blame Trump?  Sure, he deserves part of it.  But don't for a second take our eyes off the ball and forget where the greatest threat to our liberty is coming from.

Oh, and one more thing.  I know some will fire back with "Sure Dave, but Conservatives do the same thing.  They protest.  They boycott.  They call for speakers to be cancelled."  Sure they do.  They always have.  Because Conservatives traditionally believed in absolute morality and a nation's right to have a common set of values that the population should be expected to follow.  Conservatives were not the ones who strutted like peacocks under the lofty banner of free thinking, diversity, tolerating ideas, subjective morality and the eternal need to respect opinions and beliefs of others.  The Left gained tremendous footholds in our society under the pretense of those standards.  Now, of course, we can see just how committed the Left was to those standards it still demands of others.

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