Thursday, March 10, 2016

Not to say Hitler was good

But he did do a few good things at first.  Remember when that statement marked the end of Marge Schott's reputation?  If you don't remember, allow me to post a little blast from the past.   Yeah, that was the end.  Das ende.  And it would be for just about anyone.

Of course we're all aghast that Trump, after disavowing the KKK more than once, stumbled when asked a third time if he did.  That proves he loves the KKK and his followers are bigots, and by extension the majority of Conservatives who haven't voted for him are all racists.   That's how it works for Conservatives.

Let's look to the left of center to see how it compares. Last night, during the Democratic Agreements, this little clip was played:

It was obviously a 'gotcha' moment.  The press is worried sick about a Sanders nomination.  Not that it loves Clinton.  It doesn't. It would rather have had Biden to work with.  But between the two, they'll pick Clinton.

Why?  Because at the end of the day, a radical, pro-culture of death Socialist with good things to say about Soviet satellite countries will pose a problem with most Americans in a general election.  So this was put out in front of a Latino focused debate in order to hamstring him.  Despite the Media narrative of the Left, not all who are against Castro and Communist of Cuba are evil, white, racist Conservative American men.  Believe it or not, one or two Cuban immigrants are also mighty unhappy with the Castro regime.

We'll see if it does any harm to Sanders, or if Clinton's inherent Cruz-like abrasive personality mixed with her almost unequaled level of corruption and scandal will save the day for Bernie.  Right now the focus is on how Sanders responded and how Hillary answered.  There is no 'I can't believe he said something about one of the most oppressive, murderous regiemes in the hemesphere over the last 50 years!'

Which illustrates an interesting point.  One of the powers of the Left, beyond its ability to replace the Gospel with its own philosophies and ideals, is its ability to cleave unto whatever is to the left of center, no matter how horrible.  That's not to say the Left cheers the Stalinist regime, or the death toll of Communist China, or the Khmer Rouge.  It doesn't.  Though in each case, good Leftist hermeneutics blames each of those reigns of terror somehow on America or the Democratic West.

But even as it does renounce the abuses, it has no problem trying to find whatever seeds of goodness it feels are associated with those nations' ideologies.  After all, many on the Left believe that Communism, or Socialism, is the only appropriate way for a society of good will to function.  That they have been oppressive or terror states in the past means nothing at all.  It was just bad leaders, mixed with interference due to Western Imperialism, that messed it up.  So this time if we try it will only be a garden paradise that they've always known it should be.

Of course forget a Conservative appealing to a State's Rights argument used by a Segregationist.  Or suggesting that everyone in the Confederacy wasn't entirely racist.  Or that Hitler did turn the economy around.  Can you even imagine?  I'm not sure even Trump could survive such a thing.  Marge Schott certainly didn't.


  1. Hitler wasn't even right wing, he was every bit the socialist Bernie is, just for Germany ALONE rather than an international socialism. That's where "nazi" comes from - NATIONAL SOCIALIST.

    Heck, just play a drinking game with the 25 pts of the nazi party with how much it's in common with Bernie.

    Yeah, some Trump & Republican talking points may match up, that just means they generally agree with the NATIONAL part of the party, not the socialism.

  2. That's why the media would rather saw of an arm than see the term "National Socialists" applied to the Nazis. Or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Much of the modern education is not to educate at all, but to hide as many facts and truths as possible.


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