Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Donald Trump: Two views

Two different takes on Donald Trump by two writers I admire.  Here, Michael Flynn takes a bird's eye view of the entire election phenomenon, and rightly sets Trump in context of the greater mess in which we find ourselves.  John C. Wright, on the other hand, appears to endorse Trump at least as a preferable choice to either Democratic candidate.  He seems to prefer Cruz, but would take Trump for all his foibles because of the greater threat of the Democrats and the Left.

Both are good, thoughtful writers, the type who can cause me to  think things over even when I'm pretty sure I'm not budging.  Not that I'll endorse Trump any time soon, but I certainly can see the grave threats, not because of the economic or social policies of the Democratic alternatives, but because of the greater threat that the Secular Left poses not just to religious liberty, but to the values of the Christian Religion in general.

Speaking of thoughtful writers I admire, over at Sardonic Ex Curia, a little more time is given to unpacking the article I referenced here.  It's a good, and fair, appraisal.  Well worth the read.  Especially since this is the election season where nothing is real, and everyone seems to want to get hung about it.


  1. David,

    Thank you for the link and reference. I hope always to remain worthy of the phrase "thoughtful writer."


  2. No problem. Glad to read and share.


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