Friday, March 11, 2016

The Huffington Post is good enough to demonstrate

What I was referring to here.  Notice the shock, the awe, that indignation that Conservative Catholics could - horror of horrors! - prefer the Trumpster over their own beloved, wonderful Pope!  Yeah, I'm a little bothered by that myself, assuming it is true as stated.

But I was no less bothered by Catholics on the other side of the aisle that, by the same description in the article, apparently preferred Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama, or any one of a million non-Catholic leftists who advocated for the sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance, rather than fall in line behind Popes Benedict XVI and PJPII.

You see how easy it is?  Consistency.  Again, no problem with Catholics who disagree with this or that pope, assuming it isn't over dogma or established doctrine (and even then, struggles and questions are appropriate).  But when we see the media running about, dribbling down its legs over how horrible it is that these American Conservative Catholics would dare fall behind someone else over the Pope, and the ensuing age of Sorrows that will commence, I have to admit, I almost barf.

Really.  Is there no shame?  These are the people who once all but venerated anyone who railed against JPII, or Benedict, no matter how brazenly and disrespectfully it was done.  This is a site that had no problem running editorials that eviscerated those two popes with no apology.  This, and others, frequently praised those Catholics bold enough to claim fealty to the Church and then launch full salvos at the popes over such cherished issues as the right to abort the hell out of ten million babies for more orgasms, or promoting gay sex and loose sex in an era of 30 million dead from AIDs, or laughing at the notion that the Church's freedoms shouldn't be crushed to provide me with more contraceptives.

I give you the Left, and all of its hypocrisy.

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