Tuesday, March 1, 2016

If you live in Germany in the 1930s

Don't be surprised if Goebbels is behind a film that portrays Jews with negative stereotypes.  If you live in the United States in 2010s, don't be surprised if Dan Savage is behind a television show that portrays Catholics with negative stereotypes.  Dan Savage reminds you of the utter hypocrisy that the Left wallows in on a daily basis, as liberals run about crying over how horrible Donald Trump is.  Apparently they've not listened to Savage.  Dan is one of those pure apostles of the generation of hedonism that isn't going to let 30 million corpses floating in the wake of AIDS to stop him from promoting unfettered debauchery and decadence.  Dan also is willing to use rhetoric that at times - at times, mind you - makes Donald Trump seem tame and rational by comparison. 

Again, remember the Left is a religious revolution.  It is a jealous, exclusive religion.  It suffers no equals and reserves the right to strip away the liberties and freedoms of those who do not convert.  And as it suffers from the Liberal Syndrome, it has learned to use lies, hypocrisy, double standards, willful ignorance and enforced group think as the manner to deal with the rabble of non-conformists.  That ABC jumps in to lend a hand with a show dealing with Catholics that would be akin to an Amos and Andy show dealing with Blacks, just reminds us of another weapon in the Leftist arsenal. 

And yes, I'm aware that Savage says the show is merely based on his own family.  A common retort.  The Left has no end of disciples who begin with 'it's just my family, I'm really a devout Catholic, I love our country...'  Uh huh. 

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