Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Matt Walsh stokes the fires

By stating what is obvious: that Christians don't believe we have our own belief that makes us feel warm and fuzzy.  We believe Christianity is True.  That's capital "T" True.  Just as much as gravity or bad reality TV, Christianity is not just our personal opinion.  In fact, it is merely a personal opinion that all religions are just personal opinions.  If that opinion happens to be false, then by definition at least some religious belief is, in fact, True.  It might not be a religious belief we've stumbled upon, but somewhere out there a religious belief is more than just belief, it is Truth.  

For too long Christians, beaten down by repeated stories of sadistic inquisitors and witch hunting pyromaniacs, have shied from making such a statement.  Browbeat by secularism and other religions into thinking that the claim to Truth is somehow horrific when Christians make it, too many believers have slunk into the shadows and meekly declared that Christianity is just what makes us feel warm and fuzzy, other warm and fuzzy beliefs are just as valid.

It's not surprising, though sadly typical, that a self-proclaimed Catholic jumps onto the thread and chastised Mr. Walsh for daring to say Christianity is True and other religions aren't.  That's about the size of it.  How long will Christians continue to labor under the illusion that we are the reason there is all suffering in the world, and only by backing down and accepting a non-Christian viewpoint of our own Faith can we bring peace to humanity?  Will it be too late when we realize that those who make such demands of Christians have a definite concept of Truth that they embrace and demand others do the same?  Will we figure that following such a course of action might well place the well-being and fortunes of future believers in seriously compromised positions?  

Only time will tell. 

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