Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Believing the Resurrection

The linchpin of the Christian Faith.  As the Apostle Paul says, if there is no Resurrection then we are a pitiable brood to be sure.  Not that believing in the Resurrection is easy.  In our modern, secular world of electricity and smartphone apps, it is even more difficult.  After all, sometimes belief is a factor of meditation and reflection, and in our modern, breakneck pace, people seem to have little time for either.

That very lack of contemplation is seized upon by secularists and critics, by the way.  In an odd twist, modern atheism and skepticism seems to thrive on an age where people just don't see the need to waste time learning the details about whatever.  Give us Google and a brief skip through Wikipedia, and that should do the trick.  If we go that far.

So with such an approach, it's not hard to accept whatever sounds the most plausible at the moment, even if, on further reflection, there ends up being problems with this or that alternate explanation.  That the disciples were liars or just bought into a bunch of myths and changed the stories to fit their desires seems to make sense.  At least it makes sense if that's all the time I give to the subject before moving on to Facebook or my latest CSI episode.

On further reflection, however, the idea that the early believers were just a bunch of liars or simpletons who were duped by fabricated tales doesn't hold out as well as we might think.  Over at the always delightful Two Catholic Men and a Blog, the story of the Resurrection from the skeptic's POV is examined and unpacked.  As usual, once you think beyond the basic objection, common sense and practical experience begin to cast doubt on the doubters, and you're left with a much more plausible, and simple explanation.  That is, the Resurrection happened.

A little apologetic for a secular age during this fine Easter Season.  Hat tip as always to Two Catholic Men.

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