Friday, March 11, 2016

Fair enough

An article of repentance for the Trump phenomenon.  I won't say that Conservatives, Republicans, and Christians don't share responsibility for the specter of Trump in the White House.  Democrats and liberals and the media and Obama and Clinton and on and on do as well.  Trump, as my boys rightly say, belongs to the 21st Century American Facebook generation.

Nonetheless, there are good point to be made in the article.  The best is calling out that strange tendency Conservatives have had of doggedly defending the Free Market and Capitalism to such an extent that they end up defending those who abuse it, use it, and exploit it to advance all of the things Conservatives - especially Christians - find most abhorrent.

Despite the fair points and my agreement that Conservatives deserve some of the blame for Trump, that does not mean I therefore conclude that we must embrace Liberalism and Secular Progressive ideals in all their glories except for a couple unfortunate sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance with which we can lovingly and politely disagree.  We do not have to say that Liberalism and the Gospel are one and the same, nor that only by accepting Socialist ideals and the principals of dying, Secular Europe can we be saved.

Nope.  Clean house, admit where we failed or were wrong or blind, and change.  Take what liberalism has to say that is correct and find ways to incorporate it into the principles that have always made leaning on the roots of our beliefs better than chasing the latest fad.

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