Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why smart people distrust liberalism

Is seen in the linked story.  The golden boy of socialist liberalism in the West, Canada's new, vibrant Prime Minister, has blocked a measure to continue funding Canada's Office of Religious Freedom.  This shouldn't be surprising.  The only thing that hates Christianity more than radical Islam is the secular Left.

I know.  I'm sure there could be some lame explanation as to why this means nothing and it's really nothing and all will be fine.  But since Canada is one of the many secular, socialist, liberal Western nations almost gleeful in its pride over punishing Christians for not being liberal, I think we can be sure any assurances are as empty as my savings account.

Which is why many who still retain some semblance of common sense are more than skeptical about such things as Bernie Sanders' socialist paradise.  We look at America's first real step toward that European Utopia, Obamacare.  What did that do?  Well, it created as many problems as it solved.  It did help some, but it hurt others (like my Mom).  It failed to resolve the main problem with healthcare costs: out of pocket expenses.  And it was used as a leftist Trojan Horse in order to undercut religious liberty via the HHS Mandate.

So 1) failure to solve the main problem, 2) creating as many difficulties as it helps, 3) and being used and exploited in order to compromise religious, and by extension all, freedom and liberty.  That was with just one, small baby step toward a European, Socialist dreamworld.  Given that this is the track record we have to work with, why on earth would anyone with more than two brain cells not be skeptical?  Unless, of course, such a regime of oppression and eradication of non-liberal rights is exactly what is desired.  Then I can see the attraction. 

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