Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Andrew Cuomo treats Christians like we used to treat Communists

And Communists better than we treat Christians.  Because some still wish to hold to that laughable notion that men who are born men are actually men, and women born women are actually women - not even a Christian distinctive throughout most of history - Andy Cuomo has banned all non-essential state travel to the State that dares hold to traditional values.

This would be the same Cuomo who, just last year, visited Communist Cuba with high fives and much love.  Remember, the Secular Left hates Christianity and Christians.  Those Christians who are loved are those who abandon the faith and mold it to fit the gospel of the Left.  Then they are OK, but only until the Left takes the next step forward and some who still consider themselves in the Christian fold begin to waver.  Then it's the same all over.  They will either jettison another tenet of the Faith, or they will face the consequences.

It has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or evil.  That's why Cuomo can embrace Cuba with hope and optimism despite all of its horrors.  Communism is to the Left.  It's already on the right path.  That makes it OK.  A Communist nation slaughtering a hundred million people is merely a bump in the road, an unfortunate freakish exception to the rule of Leftist superiority.

But a Christian who fails to follow the Left or stands outside of its parameters is lower than the dirt. Hence NC grasping for the last straws of traditional, Judeo-Christian values.   I'm sure the same goes for Jews, Muslims and others who fail to embrace the indoctrination of the Left.  But right now, it's Christians leading the charge, and its them and their states facing the wrath of liberal tolerance.

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