Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mom was wrong

Apparently two wrongs do make a right.  The always wonderfully articulate TM Lutas explains. I'm the first to say Trump deserves some blame for the problems he's gotten himself into.  I have to admit, Hillary is correct. When you play with matches, you might just start a fire you can't control.

Unfortunately, in many ways Trump is the fire that decades of liberal disdain for good old fashion common sense and common values has gotten us.  Remember, these are the same liberals who praise Bill Maher, or Jon Stewart, or Dan Savage simply because they advocate the awesomeness of liberalism.  Despite the fact these esteemed pundits have been known to say things I can't imagine Trump saying.

So Hillary is correct.  But it applies as much to the Left as to anyone.  So in addition to that point being missed, the Left adds to the error by refusing to do the right thing by condemning those protesters who are following the modern Leftist desire to shut down freedom of speech and expression.  They can still blame Trump, that's fair.  I certainly won't expect them to blame themselves.

But the can blame those who were clearly in the wrong.  If there's anything the Left has taught us when trying to look at America's heroic past, it's that both sides of a conflict can be equally wrong.  Now would be a good time for them to show they really mean it, rather than simply use it to attack and bring down those traditions they hate and want to replace with their own brand of tyranny and oppression.

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