Thursday, March 31, 2016

A reminder that gay rights is not about rights at all

An educational poster
modified to keep it real
It is about crushing and eradicating the same.  Or at least the right to not conform to the Leftist gospel.  The Leftist gospel sees itself as unique and exclusive, and expects the laws of the world to mandate conformity.  That is why we have stories like this.

Now, the gay couple could have gone to any one of a thousand B&Bs for their "wedding".  There are B&Bs out there for the express purpose of accommodating gay sex and everything non-heterosexual. They could take their pick.  But this is not about equality.  If that were the case, they would push to end all restrictions on marriage for any reason.  They don't.  They have very clear ideas about who can and can't be married.  Just like all people throughout history.

Nor is it about tolerance or diversity.  Hardly.  Like most things associated with the Left, it is the opposite.  It is about demanding conformity and obedience under threat of retribution.  Just like the bakeries and photography studios who have fallen victim to the Leftist juggernaut, these places are sought after in order to make a public demonstration.  Even if they aren't deliberately picked, the couple could have - in the name of diversity and tolerance - simply shrugged, walked away, and found another place that would host them.

But seizing on the disproportionately high level of problems inherent to the non-heterosexual community that nobody ever seems to want to talk about, the couple is joined by the Leftist thought police in using the strong arm of the government to mandate conformity to legislated morality.  A very liberal thing to do, right?

No.  But a portent of things to come.  Because the Left has at its back so many informational industries, it can keep those who disagree with this off balance.  After all, would they support the B&B not hosting a black couple?  A Jewish couple?  A Christian couple?  And what can we say?  As soon as we accepted the premises of the Left, that being gay is something beyond anyone's control, we lost the battle.  And whether we can reverse the clock and regain the idea that humans aren't just evolved animals who are slaves to their DNA remains to be seen.

But as of now, another victory for the coming tyranny.  And another defeat for those who would resist the loss of freedoms and liberties that so many sacrificed so much over so many centuries to give us.


  1. Well written. I would only add the psychological component of "justification", or whatever clinical excuse for deserved guilt is there days. The LGBT community has the suspicion, if not the belief, that their behavior is objectively wrong. They require others approval in order to expiate this guilt so forcing behavior is the method of choice. Of course this has no such effect and consequently mental illness, especially anxiety, compulsive behavior and a self centered lack of control manifest. These people actually need professional intervention that is grounded in reality.

  2. Thanks. I think you're onto something. No matter how welcoming and affirming societies are regarding LGBTQ individuals, it still appears that those individuals suffer from disproportionate levels of mental and emotional stress and unusually high levels of suicide. At least based on what I've read from different countries in Europe. I think it is because, deep down, they know it's wrong. But stuck between a society that demands they expect nothing less than praise and worship, the traditional understanding of human sexuality, and the temptations that they face, it isn't doing them any good. It's just a guess on my part, since the medical and mental health communities wouldn't go there on a bus if the evidence bought tickets. But again, a hunch.


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