Monday, March 28, 2016

Nathan Deal cowers before the American Duma

The Leftist juggernaut, which is all about ending liberty and freedom in return for a brief dip in the sex and drugs laced bowl of proverbial stew, has scored another victory.  With the help of America's industries of Mammon and Moloch, once again liberalism wins one for the gulag by promoting tolerance at the end of a whip.

I don't fault Governor Deal. It was tough to stand up for Communism in America in the 1950s.  But far more difficult is it to stand up for traditional Judeo-Christian values in America in the 2010s. After all, plenty of the arts and culture world of the 50s was more than happy to heap scorn on the traditional American establishment, and help with Communist and Socialist friendly neo-pagans and hedonists of the day.  And of course, the more sex, the easier to sell and market, so it's not as if American industry was upset with attempts to overthrow the old Christian way.

Now, of course, the Left has those very forces behind it.  More than happy was the American marketplace to join Hollywood, Disney, and the media in calls for punishment and swift retribution on the people of the Peach State unless Georgia threw up its hands and pledged to help move the inevitable eradication of religious liberties one step forward.  It's how the Left wins.  No threat and no oppression is too great in order to impose its values, which it still laughably totes under the faux label of 'diversity and tolerance.'  

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