Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Religion of Peace

Monument to the Religion of Peace
For American liberals, European liberals, and the leftist propaganda organs, the verdict is clear:  Islam is a beautiful religion of beautiful people who have always just wanted to do beautiful things.  Occasionally, through some Himalayan sized number of freakish exceptions to the rule, some who incidentally happen to be Muslim do terrible things, but most often because of factors imposed upon them by the wicked Capitalist West and its bastard child America.

On the other hand, you have America.  A nation of eternal racism and bigotry, genocide and imperialism and the ongoing list of its hapless victims:  Billions of Native Americans.  Billions of African slaves.  Billions of Japanese babies. Billions of innocent Iraqis.  Why, the body count is endless.  Every day Americans are loping around like so many extras escaped from the set of The Walking Dead: killing Muslims and Arabs, blowing up Mosques, killing Imams.

That is the narrative.   And liberals, never ones to let a good lie of convenience slip through their hands no matter how unreal or demonstrably false it might be, slurp up the lies, falsehoods, half-truths and stupidity that is demanded in order to believe such a ludicrous story.

The bad news is that Dying Europe and America are officially in the basket of this delusional take on reality.  And there really isn't another force in the world capable of resisting the Islamic onslaught when push comes to shove.

The good news is that there are people in the world who see the stupid and are praying that somewhere, somehow, before it is too late Americans and Europeans will see the light.  They are not a bunch of white, racist neo-Nazis.  They are people from areas of the world where living in the shadow of Islam is not that garden paradise that the Left tries to portray.  Not that they see Islam in some radical, has-to-be-destroyed manner.  Those I've met from Eastern Orthodox churches who are from areas like the Middle East, like Syria and other places, see Muslims as their friends and neighbors.  But they see Islam for what it is.  Not for what the Left wishes it was.

In terms of curing the narrative, we have some resources, but it requires homework since our media, government, educational and cultural establishments are all bent on promoting the lies and ignorance needed to accept the untruths of leftist propaganda.  There are some sites, like this one, called "Religion of Peace.com."  I can't vouch for it.  It seems to have done the footwork and research, and seems to back up its claims with actual facts and figures, many of which I have found over the years.

I've not done enough research on it to know about its overall agendas.  But so far, the stats and figures seem to match what is out there in terms of painting an alternate picture to the one presented to us by the Leftist State.  If it is true, even half so, then the picture is grim.  The number of Christians killed by Muslims, if the numbers are correct (and those I've checked so far seem to be), is over 10,000 since 2001.  Imagine if 10,000 Muslims had been killed by Christians because they were Muslim!

I know, I know.  Liberals will throw up "But what about Iraq!  We've killed millions there because they were Muslim!"  Well, no. We haven't.  Much of the death toll there was Muslims killing Muslims.  And we purposefully did not go into it to kill Muslims, but to stop states willing to support and aid terrorism back when 9/11 still mattered.  But even if Iraq and the whole war on Terrorism was simply a veiled attempt by the evil US and its wicked, racist Christian heritage to slaughter Muslims, then the most we could say is that Islam appears to be just as bad as the US and its wicked, racist Christian heritage.  And from the point of view of a Western liberal, there could be few verdicts more damning than that.

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