Friday, March 4, 2016

An honest question about abortion

As I read this opinion piece at The Imaginative Conservative, I had to ask myself: When did abortion go from being the only sin that matters to a sin that doesn't seem to matter at all?  I mean, we're not talking about a pro-choice politician who has been sort of pro-choice.  We're talking about someone who has tried to open the gates for any and all abortions, up to and including partial birth abortion even without the mother's life on the line.  Something so heinous, that it has been called one of the worst murderous crimes in our country today.  And yet, so what if Sanders supports it?  Big deal, right? 

I understand - and have always maintained - that there are more than one or two issues to think about in an election.  But I also understood that there were certain issues that were off the table.  They certainly were when it came to Romney or McCain.  Certain sins that were non-negotiable.  Not because they were all that mattered.  But because there was no way to support them and do so in a sinless way.  There was no 'right interpretation of abortion.'  There might be different opinions on how to limit it or eliminate it.  But at no point could you say 'I support unrestricted abortion rights' and be in the running.

Now it doesn't just look like abortion isn't the only big deal.  As more and more Conservatives and Catholics flock to Bernie, it looks like abortion is now no big deal at all.  And by my lights, that is something that will swim around and bite Conservatives, Christians and Catholics in the ass when all is said and done.  Especially if all of the things that have been said about the horrors and evils of abortion through the years are still, you know, true.


  1. "Yet a President Sanders would likely not forbid those of us for whom life is sacred from pleading with our fellows to choose life. In addition, a President Sanders will likewise be uninterested in stopping Catholic conservatives from loving their husbands and wives and remaining committed to their sacramental marriage vows."

    This section made me want to vomit. In short President Sanders would give us the same freedom to engage in our silly superstitious beliefs that the more enlightened leaders of the old Soviet Union would have given us. Of course our beliefs will have no impact on public policy and the State will continue to coerce us to bend the knee to policies we think are abhorrent. The blog that published this bilge might consider changing its name from Imaginative Conservative to Delusional Conservative.

  2. It’s beyond me. But then it also seems where the Church is going. In fairness to the Imaginative Conservative, it’s hard as a Catholic to point fingers when the Church’s own approach seems to be that the manifold sins of the Left are set aside and agreed to disagree with in favor of the political policies of western liberalism.

  3. I ruminated about this over at my blog, David. Comments welcome, if you have the time!


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