Friday, July 16, 2021

You can't help but smile

 I have no clue what it is or where it came from:

But for all its strange weirdness and prehistoric production values, there's a simplicity there that makes you glad.  

It reminds me of some of those made for school kids shows we watched.  Not that we cared about the content of the shows.  Seeing the teacher roll in a giant stand with an old TV and a video cassette player the size of an armoire simply meant we had the chance to fade away from the drudgery of school, at least for a time.

Most shows we watched I can't remember.  I do recall one we watched in kindergarten (c. 1973) called Mulligan's Stew; IIRC produced at the University of Michigan.  We also had a series of specials called The Metric System.  The point was trying to get us to accept the metric system and help bring America up to metric speed.  From what I can tell, it didn't work. 

Something like this show would have been snickered at by us if they showed it, as we did most things they made us watch - if we paid attention at all.  Now, looking back, I admit I find it absolutely charming. 

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