Wednesday, July 7, 2021

One reason I know Critical Race Theory is evil

Beyond its endorsing of racial profiling that has - surprise - been so long condemned by the Left, is the growing number of defenders resorting to stupid lies and contradictory denials of the obvious needed to defend it.  So this:

Based on his twitter feed, he means the propaganda is the alarms being raised about Critical Race Theory.  In other words, there is no such thing as CRT, so those sounding the alarms about something - Critical Race Theory - that doesn't exist are clearly lying. 

I've seen a growing number of supporters of Critical Race Theory declaring variations on 'there is no CRT', though not as flagrantly as this.  It took me all of 5 seconds to find this, an article in Education Week explaining what Critical Race Theory is, its origins, when it gained legal grounding, and on and on. In short, it exists, and exists by name.  We just had the first school board in our neck of the woods try to implement CRT by name in their schools, meeting with the same pushback from parents of all ethnic identities. 

As if that isn't enough, and by golly it ought to be, we have this gem from the always unbiased and reliable Washington Post

Apparently there is Critical Race Theory but conservatives don't know why they oppose it?  Again, most conservatives I've heard know exactly why they oppose it.  That includes blacks and other minorities who oppose it, not all being conservative by nature.  There may be a host of reasons, and different opponents cite different ones based upon their chief concerns, but the presence of many problems doesn't equate to what the headline suggests.

The basic problem for most, however, is simple: CRT (existing for the WP, not existing for the good Mr. Blakely) lumps everyone into monolithic ethnic groups and sizes them up for differing treatment accordingly.  All blacks are hopelessly oppressed with no recourse but to be hopelessly oppressed, while all whiteskins are ispo facto racist (you can tell by their skin color), and blood guilty of all white sin ever committed  That's why sane people oppose it.  Ask anyone out there, and they'll give variations of those reasons in so many words. 

To resort to 'there's no such thing as a naked emperor', as those on the Left have done about leftwing extremism, black on white violence, Antifa, pro-abortion celebrations, and other inconvenient realities, suggests strongly that their designs are evil because they can't defend their designs.  Instead, they must deny them against all evidence to the contrary, and hope for the lie to be enough to support the cause they're lying to support, all while attacking those who see the lie for what it is. 

You can tell a tree by the fruit it bears, or so we're told.  Sometimes, you can tell the fruit by the tree that bore it as well.  When the tree is a growth of lies and falsehoods and slander easily debunked, there's a good chance the fruit it is attempting to bear is no better.  


  1. CRT has largely been replaced by LCD. Get with the times, man.

  2. Blakely's on the arts-and-sciences faculty at Pepperdine. What gets you about contemporary academe is how little integrity there is in it. Here's this guy playing shell games and his reputation will suffer not a whit from it. We entrust the task of sorting the labor market to the corporations which employ these people just why?

    1. At least we have big business to stand up for traditional American values!


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