Saturday, July 24, 2021

Ed Begley describes white conservatives for the modern Left


From the wonderful movie 12 Angry Men.  Not to be seen as a treatise on the jury system, it's a morality play demonstrating post-war liberal thinking, where looking past prejudices and personal axes to grind in our pursuit of true justice and equality was the message of the day. 

Today, the Left has perfected dragging a thousand prejudices into the mix, especially when people have axes to grind and can blame their fortunes on 'them.'  Aided by a propaganda ministry composed of journalism, education, entertainment, book publishers and even religious leaders, the modern Left has almost perfected the 'you heard liberals say, but the Left now says' template for the modern world.  

You know, you once heard liberals say that banning offensive material is fascism, but the Left now says banning offensive material is mandatory. Or you heard liberals say that it's wrong to judge, but the Left now says we will judge the hell out of a growing boatload of deplorables.  Or you heard liberals say that violence is never the answer, but the Left now says violence can be a damn good answer if it dost glorify the leftist cause.  You et the point. 

We watched this gem of a film the other night, at our sons' request.  When this symbolic scene occurred, I suddenly thought of how many things I've heard promoted by the Left regarding non-leftists dissenters that bore an eerie resemblance to the speech above. 

I thought of the Duke LaCrosse scandal, when college professors and scholars were trotted out to explain that it's just in the bloodstream of white American boys to want to rape black girls. Or the Tucson shooting, when CNN had a roundtable pointing out that it's simply a fact that conservatives and Republicans are violent. Or the four years of hearing how people who didn't vote for Hillary were clearly sexist, or MAGA types are Nazis.  Sometimes they will say 'they aren't all' that way, but let's be honest, we get the drift.  Just as we get the drift in the clip above. 

The same is said about white Americans, whites in general, Christians, Americans, conservatives, Republicans, men, heterosexuals, - you name it.  The above speech from the late Ed Begley is almost verbatim what you hear from the modern Left when it comes to anyone who doesn't bow before the idol of the Left.

Does that mean only those on the Left are capable of such bigotry and ignorance and hate?  No.  Of course not.   As I've said a million times, however, it's the identity of who is saying this sort of bilge that makes the difference.  Dig into any back alley, Montana log cabin, or cypress covered shack and you can hear people talking about blacks or Hispanics or Jews or Catholics or Asians or Muslims in such a manner to this day. 

The difference is, to hear the same said about whites, conservatives, non-leftists, Catholics, and traditional Americans in general today, you don't have to search out such remote locations.  Reading a newspaper or watching the national press, hearing prominent Democratic politicians, viewing a major awards show in Hollywood with millionaire celebrities and power players, listening to interviews with university scholars and professors and presidents, or hearing millionaire athletes and even prominent religious leaders will do just fine. 

And that makes all the difference. 


  1. About 100 years ago, GK Chesterton wrote: "This is an age of minorities; of minorities more powerful and predominant, partly through the power of wealth and partly through the idolatry of education."
    “The Shadow of the Problem,” The New Jerusalem
    I just thought that was a rather prescient observation of him when I read it recently.

    I also think what we are unfortunately seeing is the end of the "long walk through the institutions" promulgated by Italian and cultural Marxist Antonio Gramsci. He knew the way to a Marxist revolution was not by force but to work within by 3 phases:
    1. Take claim to the ruling class in culture.
    2. Seize State power. (Also the educational institutions)
    3. Transform completely the economic base.

    It's simply unfortunate because the big obstacle that Gramsci saw to this cultural revolution was Christianity, which has largely put down her weapons these past 50 years. Sometimes her leaders even actively aided in this revolution, knowingly or not I do not know, but it does make me sick to think of. The Second Coming almost sounds kind of nice right now!

    1. Definitely. What we are seeing is no accident, and it isn't something that happened overnight. I read an article a year or so ago that made a great point. It was 'how McCarthy ruined America.' It said by McCarthy - who was right about communists in America - going overboard in his zeal, he made martyrs out of the communists, and angered many who were falsely accused, in many of these institutions: education, entertainment, publishing, the press. Therefore many would happily side with the communists who were in their ranks rather than be caught dead siding with a McCarthy type. That allowed those who remained steadfast communists to work their wonders within the various industries. Last year my wife and I, in lieu of other social opportunities, found ourselves watching a ton of movies from our younger days - 1970s and 1980s. It's stunning now to look back and see how many movies have the two basic lessons: 1) The USSR may be bad, but the US is no better, or 2) the heck with it, let's support the communists. It was already there before our eyes almost 50 years ago. We just missed it.

    2. I almost wonder if McCarthy was actually a Communist agent himself, trying to use 4-demensional chess to discredit anti-communist activists. Or is he just an unintentional but effective recruiter for the communist cause in the same way Barack Obama was an unintentional but effective gun salesman?

    3. That makes me think of The Manchurian Candidate. The idea that a McCarthy figure is just a communist plant. Given the fact that McCarthy was hoisted up as the end-all defense for anyone advocating socialism to full blown communism when I was growing up, it isn't hard to imagine it was more than just a zealous senator with a serious lack of self-awareness.


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