Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another Catholic view on Torture

Another interesting article.  Those who take the Talk Radio approach to the issue probably do a disservice to the topic.  Again, torture is what the bad guys did in my view.  And so far, I haven't been convinced that waterboarding doesn't fall into the category of torture.  Like I've said, if we had an old war movie where Japanese or Germans were waterboarding an American serviceman, I seriously doubt we would have said, "Whew, thank goodness.  At least they weren't torturing him!'  But it is a complex issue, especially in light of the Islamic terrorists' willingness to throw all rules of war out the window and fight completely outside of any acceptable laws or standards, for a completely new set of objectives, and with an entirely new approach to warfare.  And since it's our generation, that has little connection to anything beyond our own hand picked demographics, it's been easy to criticize while proudly declaring no particular solution to any of the problems.

So I'm open to the debate.  Those who do anything short of 'I'd torture babies for the American way!', or those who invoke 'Evil America anyway!'.  Oh, and that goes for those who feel fine about breaking Jesus' commandments about judging and accusing and Raca and Fool to prove a point.  Read it.  It's worth the time.

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