Sunday, December 7, 2014

What Pope Francis said

According to headlines, was that the Koran was a prophetic book of peace.  Thomas McDonald puts that in its place.  Apparently he didn't, but simply quoted what Muslims think the Koran happens to be.  But like Mr. McDonald, the more disturbing thing for me at least was his referencing fundamentalists as somehow the Christian equivalent of Islamic terrorists.

Not that I'm a fundamentalist, but I remember when even the TV show The West Wing had a show dedicated to pointing out that while fundamentalists are truly the most despicable form of human life, in fairness, they aren't murderers.  They don't fly jets into skyscrapers, they don't behead captives, they don't strap bombs to women and blow up buses filled with innocent children.

When CNN had a special called God's Warriors, many eyebrows were raised by who they chose to cover.  There were Islamic terrorists, radical Zionists, and Christian fundamentalists teaching abstinence only education.  Certainly, even the most stout non-fundie critics admitted, there was one in that group that wasn't like the others.

So Pope Francis dropping what even the more hardcore liberal and leftists were willing to shy from seems a bit strange, or possibly telling. Remember, he's not a liberal or a socialist.  All such accusations are the result of media lies or conservative radicals.  That only the most hardcore leftists lump Christian fundamentalists in the same group as Islamic terrorists means nothing at all.

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