Friday, December 26, 2014

Not all atheists are cowardly and ill informed

As demonstrated here. Not that it's a real 'that's wrong, stupid, cowardly and lame' take on this annual ritual, but at least he admits the yearly bed wetting with middle fingers by atheists could be overdone. That's something at least.

The problem is, there's nothing to hit atheists with.  Most live in denial of what their atheism really means - oblivion and an eventual end to the point of humanity having ever existed.  Not to mention that all things non-material are, by definition, illusions and fairy tales made up by life forms desperate to have purpose while we pass on our DNA.  All, of course, until the earth ends and the aforementioned pointlessness of the human race is made clear.

Not to mention try to tell most atheists that atheism is simply a belief, and it's like trying to explain to a 6 month old that the world is really round.  Not all, but most today. So as weak and meh this little piece is, I'll take it.  Like seeing the alluded to Fred Phelps take in a stray dog.  It doesn't mean much, but it's something.

I much prefer the take down on Mark Shea's blog the other day, that uses that part of the debate most modern atheists shrink from: logic, intelligence, reality, facts, data, open mindedness, curiosity, free thinking and self reflection. And all courtesy of one of the great smack downs of faith equals stupid in our modern era.

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