Sunday, December 21, 2014

The media has sown the wind

And now it scrambles to avoid responsibility for reaping the whirlwind.  As two murdered police officers are mourned, a nation that spent the last months whipped into a frenzy of cop-hate by the media will demonstrate the glories of the post-modern era that doesn't sweat truth or consistent principles.  Right now the only real issue for the media is the focus on de Blasio and his former statements about murderous, racist cops. But there are others to blame.  Many, many others.  While it is certainly fair to call out injustices, seek answers, and protest wrongs, what we saw was a whipped up frenzy of hate and fanaticism that would have shamed a Nuremberg rally.  And those who were swept up in this exclusive focus on our murderous, racist KKK cops in new uniforms?  Blood on hands folks.  Blood on hands.  For if opposing homosexual normality makes one responsible for Matthew Shepherd, and focusing on Islamic terrorism makes you responsible for the killings at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, then the logical conclusion is that all who pounded the drum of Evil Racist Cop has the same culpability in this case.  Expect this to be said by our White House or media elite...not at all. 

Peace to all who have lost loved ones.  Peace to people killed wrongly by police, and peace for the police who must risk their lives to protect us.  And peace to those cops and their families for being victims of a media constructed witch hunt.  May God grant them strength and perseverance in the coming months.  

P.S.  I was going to post some tweets celebrating and mocking the policemen's murders, but decided not to.  Such evil is not worth touching.  God rest their souls.  

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