Friday, December 26, 2014

Always remember that the United States is the bad guy

So the recent Sony scandal and North Korea's response has been an excellent diversion from news about Obama.  Even though things have looked up recently, the press has spent so much time covering for Obama when things were going sour, I don't think they know how to give the man credit when things actually go well.

Anyway, we probably all know the story.  I couldn't care less about the movie.  The reaction was everything I've come to expect from our generation of awesome hipsters.  But this little piece, where Russia throws its lot in with North Korea on the issue caught my attention.

For most liberals and leftists and non-conformists and post-moderns, the West and America are the baddies.  We're the bad guys.  Why the whole Cold War, and maybe even WWII, might have been a giant staged conspiracy by the evil US Industrial War Machine against a flawed, but misunderstood civilization known as the USSR.  So naturally, we assume that when the US is beat down a notch, the world couldn't help but be better off for it.

I hope they're right.  Since stories like this remind us that the vastness of Islamic civilization, the rise of India and China as competitors on the world stage, and little things like this regarding Russia and other old Cold War antagonists, suggests that such will be rushing into to fill the gaps as Western Europe and the US sink into second and third rate status.  If they're wrong?  Then in typical post-war post modern fashion, I'm sure most will console themselves by reminding themselves taht it will be future generations that will pay the price.

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