Saturday, December 13, 2014

Torture on the Catholic blogosphere

It should come as no surprise that the release of the Senate report has opened up a floodgate of posts across the blogosphere.  Mark Shea has posted almost a dozen in just a couple days.  As one who stands back and watches, I'm amazed at the overall hatred and contempt that one sees for the US in many of the arguments.  At this point, it's simply assumed that the US has ever and always been an evil nation, a nation of genocide and slaughter, bigotry and racism.  There are Catholics who hate America, and ironically, live up to yet one more stereotype of old.  That stereotype was from those anti-Catholics of the 19th century who warned that Catholics would come to our shores, serving the Pope but using the US until it was done with it, then running back to Papa.

Thank goodness they were wrong!  After reading several posts, I put in my two cents about the whole 'America is a racist genocidal nation, torture doesn't represent our values!' hilarity so common in our modern narrative.  In a show of sad demonstration, less than a half hour later a regular on CAEI posts that the statement I responded to was spot on.  The US is always and has always been the Great Evil.  Again, having sex with prostitutes while calling them whores.  Sometimes it staggers my imagination the number of Catholics who appear capable of living up to negative stereotypes or vindicating old prejudices.  I'm sure it will continue.  And it will continue nowhere else more consistently than at CAEI, where such is not just tolerated, but increasingly encouraged.  By a conservative, patriotic Catholic no less.


  1. Mark Shea has posted almost a dozen in just a couple days.

    I can imagine. Very glad I don't read that nasty, angry little psycho's fringe lunatic ravings anymore.

    By a conservative, patriotic Catholic no less.

    I think pretty much everyone but him and his little circle of embittered toadies has given up that pretense.

    If you want a does of sane Catholicism on this topic, I cannot recommend John C. Wright any more highly:

  2. This is worthy of reading as well, I think, examining torture in the context of Catholic tradition, and under what circumstances it was both permitted and condemned:

    However in its desire to pay attention to detail, the author probably risks being labeled a "torture apologist" by Mr. Shea.

  3. Check out the article that Deuce gave. That's a great one, in typical Wright form. Yes, I think the author would fall under the verbal gunfire of Mark, which is a shame. As I've written before, I still visit Mark out of remembrance for what he did for us years ago. And it saddens me what he's become. And yet in becoming it, he has become quite successful (see his growing list of speaking engagements and how much he charges). I guess you can't argue with success.


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