Thursday, January 1, 2015

The liberalization of Catholicism

It's not hard to notice.  Except for some sexual issues that don't directly impact celibate men, the growing number of issues espoused by the Catholic Church don't fall too far from the tree of modern progressive thought.  Whether it's evolution, global warming, immigration, the budget, economics, feminism, and even homosexuality, the unpacking and explanations increasingly sound about like they would have about thirty or forty years ago in such denominations as the Episcopals, Lutherans and United Church of Christ.

Sure, there are differences.  As much as Dr. Phil and the US Bishops may sound similar when dealing with Same Sex Attraction, the Church does draw the line at actual penetration.  Likewise, the Church pretty much says that science is right about evolution, except that God made it happen, which opens up several new issues, such as death and destruction being part of God's plan from the beginning, and that humans might not all be of the same pedigree after all.

Both Pope Benedict the XVI and Pope Francis have been quoted as lifting up women in ways that would make an Oprah roadshow proud - though of course women can't be priests.  And in terms of the US bishops (this being about the American Church, my main point of reference), typically their stances and preferences and the strategies of the Democratic Party aren't too far apart.

After all, even Democrats admit that Obama played fast and loose with not promoting a budget, largely for political reasons, and the Bishops were more or less quite.  Even though millions suffered as the economy dragged with no direction or leadership.  But let Paul Ryan promote a budget suggestion, and it was as if Hell was unleashed in Washington.  Of course the Bishops and the Democrats seem pretty close in the immigration debate, and let's not forget the fact that I'm just not seeing much other than gleeful support for most of Obama's healthcare mandate, except for the HHS mandate battle which was promptly lost by the Bishops.  At least in terms of winning the heart and soul of the country is concerned.  And there's even a growing discussion on just how realistic the whole Hell thing might actually be.

Yes, when it comes to abortion and contraceptives, the Church takes a hard line position that doesn't look to change any time soon.  See issues that impact celibate men above.  But other than that, is there really anything the Church is doing that doesn't seem to line up with the post-Christian secular progressive revolution?

Much is made about the flagrant change over at CAEI, that it has become a playground for America haters, liberals, leftists, socialists, anti-Conservatives, anti-Protestants, and other progressive and Leftist views.  But what of it?  If a person wants to be obedient to the Church, and we observe what the Church looks like in recent years, what choice is there?  Keep sounding like a conservative American, a traditionalist, someone who, apart from sexual issues, does not see the world through the prism of modern, secular and progressive ideals, will you be able to feel obedient?

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