Friday, January 9, 2015

My sons are answered by Nicholas Kristof

When the shooting in Paris happened, there was, almost immediately, an attempt in the media to remind us that these terrorists do not represent Islam.  Islam is not to blame.  My boy asked 'why is it when someone in America does something, it's all about what's wrong with America, or when some Christian does something, it just goes to show you The Church.  Or when Mel Gibson went on his rants, there's the Catholics for you.  But when terrorists repeatedly kill thousands in the name of Allah, we are constantly reminded that we can in no way blame Islam or suggest it has anything to do with Islam?'  Kristof explains how here.

Fact is, Western Liberalism is a revolution.  And like all revolutions, it seeks to overthrow the establishment and replace it with its own institutions and philosophies.  Thus, it is in its best interest to constantly beat the drums of how horrible things are in our own back yard.  So Kristof says Christians don't have to apologize for the genocide against Muslims in Yugoslavia.  Yet I remember that being mentioned back in the day, and linked with Christians and Christian atrocities throughout the ages.  Just like, when a single pastor threatened to burn a Koran, it was linked to America's racism and racist past.

Sorry, that's the point.  If you're going to excuse Islam, then excuse Christianity when it comes to gay rights or abortion or even any other subject.  Excuse America and focus on a single issue.  The problem is, liberalism will forget all about 'you can't blame the whole because of a few bad apples' when it's something that can be linked to the very civilization that liberalism seeks to overthrow.

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