Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Why sane people don't trust the Gun Control movement

Exhibit A.  A law that would add a financial burden on gun ownership meant merely to add a financial burden on gun ownership.  Of course the good news is that such measures meant to make gun ownership too expensive will ensure that only the wealthiest Americans on the coasts who get invited to the best parties in Manhattan and Hollywood will be able to afford guns.  Those rejoicing in this as a way to make gun ownership all but impossible (for anyone but the wealthy) are letting their ulterior motive slips show.

Reminds me of this scene (language warning):

Right.  We're not going to take your guns away!  You didn't let us finish our sentence.  We said we're not going to take your guns away ...

In addition to so much BS behind the gun control hysteria, the fact that our politicians are being compelled to ramrod gun policies of questionable effectiveness based on false premises, contradictory promises and conflicting data is troubling enough.  Add to it the obvious lie of 'nobody wants to take away your guns' and only a fool would fail to question their motives.

Meanwhile, the Democratic presidential candidates stumble over each other to figure out who can do more to tear down the whole American system so that they can go after the bad guys.  Kirsten Gillibrand makes it clear the Supreme Court could be rebuilt in the Left's image, while others are offering their own takes on just how much America we need to keep in order to put an end to all this dissension.

So I'm sorry.  We'll put 'nobody wants to take away your guns' right up with 'we'll only censor those evil Nazis over there', 'we want a non-politicized court' and 'nobody will be punished for opposing gay marriage' on the growing list of lies spewed by the Left.

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