Saturday, August 24, 2019

Young Turks and the Hitler Youth of tomorrow

It's been said that today's radical Alt-Left youth bear striking resemblances to the Hitler Youth of the 30s.  They've been told who to hate.  They've been told their own moral and intellectual superiority is unquestionable.  They've been taught contempt and loathing for those who dare question their rightful place in society's highest chambers from which to rule on high.  They've been assured that the world exists merely to bow before their unparalleled awesomeness.  And they're being taught that things like liberty, freedom and even life are only worth anything when it serves their superior interests.

Few mainstream - if you can call it that - outlets exemplify these attitudes more than the network called Young Turks.  It's a far left, radical pseudo-Bolshevik, anti-American sounding board designed to sway youth into the above way of thinking.

Many, such as I, became aware of them by their legendary meltdown after Trump's victory in 2016.  It's hilarious viewing to be sure.  Watching people so assured of their moral and intellectual superiority and the debt the world owes their awesomeness have a complete collapse when things don't go their way has a certain schadenfreude quality all its own.

Yet in that video there are also signs of the Left's pure evil, most notably in the ease with which they speak of and condemn people based on categories of race, gender and political identity.  Without a sense of irony, they speak of the groups they despise in ways that Hess or Goebbels spoke of Jews.

So when a story like this comes by, I have no problem believing it is true.  I am not shocked when, upon researching, I discover it it true and more than true, even if most MSM outlets are avoiding it like the plague.  After all, this 'network' is a group teaching young people to hate.  To be arrogant and prideful.  To mock, if not rejoice in, the suffering and pain and even death of the ever growing number of assigned demographic categories they are learning to despise.

They also remind us that for many on the Left, there is little doubt that the only reason they hate Trump and condemn the things they accuse Trump of saying is because he has an (R) rather than a (D) in front of his name.  Based on how they, and a growing number of leftist partisans, behave and react, it's impossible to think they really despise Trump on anything close to a principle.

FWIW, it looks like Crenshaw responded.  While politics is not religion, and the State is not the Church, I ask you: who would you side with?  A foul mouthed, hateful person spewing contempt on the dead and mocking the wounded, or someone who replies with grace, dignity and restraint?  Whoever the New Prolife Christian would side with, I know who I will side with.  Oh, and spare me the old 'I'm just a comedian' dodge.  If you spew hatred, have the guts to rise up and stand with it.  After all, Hess and Goebbels did.

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