Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Good for Bernie Sanders

So David Koch, of the infamous Koch Brothers, died.  I'll be honest, I don't know much of him.  I know he is infamous because, despite being a multi-billionaire, he spent most of his time supporting the GOP and opposing Democrats.  Most big name billionaires today, of course, are hardcore Democrats all the way.  So naturally he had a very controversial reputation.

When news came that he died, there were several instances where people said what you can expect to be said nowadays, that they were glad he was dead.  Some rejoiced.  Some cast heaps of insults on him and laughed at the fact that the first of these two wretches would rot in the soil.

This is because, to them, he blasphemed the only god and gospel worth following.  By doing so, he showed himself to be a murderer and killer, a rapist and thief, a man who caused disease, famine, poverty, depression, suicide, and just about anything else bad.  How could he not?  Only the god of the Leftist State can bring hope and salvation, fix our problems and make right the world.  Knowing this, and refusing to follow the Left, he therefore could be called out as the evil killer of babies and the innocent that he was.

I don't know.  Maybe he was all those things.  Maybe in his spare time he raped women and murdered babies.  Maybe he was some crazy rare billionaire who made money by screwing the little guy and pocketing the extra money for himself.  Hard to believe, but it could be true. 

Nonetheless, as the Left becomes increasingly open in its hatred of those who fail to worship at the altar of its god, and increasingly brazen about calling for the eradication of rights, liberties and even lives of those who dare question the efficacy of the left's economy of salvation, it's been a bit chilling hearing the cheers and celebrations that were once reserved for the death of an Osama bin Laden or Adolf Hitler.  In fact, I remember a time when people chastised those who cheered the death of Osama bin Laden.  We are supposed to be past that; too civilized to cheer the death of a fellow human being no matter what he did.  Ah, another case of here today, gone later today ethics that we've come to expect in our post-modern world.

So kudos to Bernie Sanders who, as a crowd at one of his events broke into cheers and great rejoicing over the death of that murderous bastard Koch, told them to cease and desist.  Maybe it's his age, or maybe as fanatical a socialist leftist he is, he still draws a line between his left-wing politics and the new god of the Left, but he did right by my book.  And when someone is in the right, he deserves a thumbs up.  Something apparently Koch never was, given how few of those on the Left - Christian or otherwise - seem to have even a scrap of good to say about him.


  1. Mark couldn't even manage that much.

    Even funnier to read him & the commentors go on and on about how evil the guy was. As if he was literal Lex Luthor.

    1. Wow. And this from the man who railed against those cheering the death of bib Laden. Granted, he's not technically cheering the death of Koch. He wraps it in a 'God have mercy on his wretched soul' wrapper. But he is far worse in this than he ever was with bin Laden.


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