Friday, August 30, 2019

Former Prime Minister of Canada speaks!

And wishes the approaching hurricane Dorian makes a direct hit on Trump's Mar-a-Lago:

Of course she tells critics to get a grip.  And heck, at least she's being honest by joining the growing number of those on the Left who proudly declare that all bets are off when it comes to defeating opponents of the Left.

Thank goodness it's conservatives who are the thoughtless, mean ones. 


  1. "Well, see, when liberals say this stuff, they know they're joking and don't really mean it.

    "But when conservatives ever say something like that, we know they really do mean it and are just expressing their inner desires."

    Give me some time and I bet you I can find that argument being made somewhere.

    1. That ranks high in the liberal arsenal. We already know liberals are practically perfect in every way, therefore when they say something stupid, wrong or evil, it's obviously OK because, well, it's already been established that liberals are practically perfect in every way. That was certainly what kept Biden politically alive all these years.


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