Saturday, August 10, 2019

How most Trump supporters really see Trump

And his conflict with the the Left:

Yep.   Most see the Left playing with a stacked deck; a rigged game.  The press and the Left is, to them, one and the same, like Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  They see the duplicity, collusion, dishonesty, arrogance verging on hubris, and the naked propaganda and lies dedicated to tearing down what they value and replacing it with tyranny, nihilism, debauchery, bigotry and a wanton disregard for the consequences of its own ideals.  They see the grandstanding and falsehoods, the BS and idiocy, and those foolishness of those on the Left as they sit around and congratulate themselves for their unwarranted moral and intellectual infallibility and superiority.

They see in Trump someone willing to play as down and dirty and mean as they've watched progressives and the Left play for decades.  It may take a few beatings.  It may take a few punches.  But they see Trump come back swinging and, in many cases, winning.  And like Elmer in the cartoon, they're hoping when it's all over, he will win and put the grand conspiracy against the Christian West in its place.  Given what's at stake, at least on this side of heaven, that's not bad considering the opposition to God, life and liberty that this emergent Left represents.


  1. You're right. And it drives me nuts sometimes to listen to some of the regular conservative commentators speak on him because they don't seem to realize how much they're swinging to the other side. Reminds me of something I've read lately.
    The Media could’ve killed the Trump candidacy stone dead any time it chose. All they had to do was: Cover him like a normal politician.

    Seriously. That’s it. If you describe a Trump rally as “a campaign speech on the economy, health care, and national security,” you’ve painted him as just another politician. By covering it the other way, though — “today Donald Trump screamed Fuhrerifically for hours at a crowd of inbred gap-toothed sister-****’ rednecks” — they played right into his hands. Trump’s entire shtick was that he’s not an ordinary politician, and his proof for this claim was NOT “I have no government experience,” because neither did Hillary (at least to hear her tell it; according to her own self she spent all her time at State being completely ignorant of what the State Department was up to). His proof wasn’t “I don’t have a coherent set of positions,” because that describes everyone that year. His proof was: “I drive The Media insane.”
    . . .
    Trump pulled it completely off, just by doing Trump things. His actual campaign slogan was MAGA, of course, but it might as well have been “F*** the Media.” It worked, because The Media kept acting like deranged suicide cultists, because they are deranged suicide cultists.

    1. I think everyone agrees 100% that the only reason Trump got the nomination was due to the media. Why they did it is debated, but that they did it is universally accepted. My son said it best. Trump realizes he's as bad as his critics, and plays off of that. His critics, however, have not figured out that they are as bad as Trump.


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