Saturday, August 24, 2019

One victory for the Constitution

Against the forces of the Left. 

One of the most laughable outrages aimed at Trump is that he's a threat to the Constitution.  This outrage is from the same Left peddling the NYT's The 1619 Project, meant to portray the entire American experiment as a giant, racist, genocidal slave holding corporation.   That approach has yielded the growing number of young'uns who think it's time to ditch the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all that pesky freedom, liberty, due process and presumption of innocence rubbish.  That they somehow are outraged that Trump is a threat to the very thing they're encouraging people to dismantle is one of the most hilariously twisted and moronic developments in the modern era.  And that's saying something.

But this is at least a momentary victory against crybaby Democrats and progressives who will insist the rules need changed or thrown out the window when they don't get their way. What do you expect from a movement that watched the following clip and must have concluded that the little boy with the bicycle was the hero:

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