Friday, August 30, 2019

A Catholic case against an Open Borders immigration policy

Here.  There you go.  Immigration isn't a fight I have much of a dog in.  There are immigrants in the area, and the various Churches I've belonged to - (Conservative) Evangelical, Catholic and Orthodox - all have various levels of outreach and aid to help them out.  As for the legal cases, I'm bothered by the idea that laws are made for some people, but not others.  Especially when that distinction is based on where you come from, what you look like, and where you were born.

Nonetheless, I'm not living along the southern border, nor am I immigrating into America from south of the border.  I've grown leery of people dividing the sheep and goats based on lofty geopolitical issues with which they are not personally involved, or are not personally able to participate with beyond yelling on the Internet.

I merely notice that for reasons nobody has adequately explained, Democrats and liberals, many who were opposed to such open border immigration policies years ago, are now firmly behind them.  And let's be honest, when you shoot down any alternative that doesn't end with full amnesty and complete entry into our country no questions asked, that's open borders.

That's the first thing I notice, those clearly advocating something they refuse to admit they're advocating.  To me that is never a good sign.  The second is that many of the reasons liberals did oppose illegal immigration don't seem to have changed, yet the liberal position has.  So why the change?  The thing I notice is the usual tendency of the Left to plant the righteous and holy flag on the summit of their argument, and declare any who disagree to be human excrement scraped from Hitler's rectum.  Strike three in my book.

So read the above take.  It's a different viewpoint than that advocated by Catholic bishops, the pope, the Democrats, our liberal culture, and most socialist governments in Europe.   Therefore, it is rare.  But not necessarily wrong.  I'll leave you to decide.


  1. Did a quick word search of the article and I'm surprised to not see anything on the peace of Westphalia (Which I saw TMLutas use as an argument for secure borders before).

    Once upon a time I thought a purpose of the church was to preserve hard learned lessons in society and be sure we never forgot them.

    1. Given the number of Catholic subscribing to the idea that 'sure the Left is wanting to censor and abolish all rights and liberties - but I'm sure they'll leave me alone', I'm not sure it's done a great job educating its members on the history side of life.


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