Thursday, August 29, 2019

The only thing more awesome than Sam Elliott

Is Sam Elliott recounting the harrowing tale of a veteran at Normandy on D-Day:


I missed that when we watched the event.  It gives me hope when I see people helping people despite race or religion; or showing up at church functions on a sunny Saturday (even if followed by a trip to the doctor's office); or join together to pray and lift our hearts to God; or gather together to celebrate, not damn, our nation or our cultural heritage.  I'm reminded that the vast majority of Americans don't want what the Left (or the extreme of any fringe movement) is selling.

Of course then I remember that the majority of Germans in 1932 likely wouldn't have wanted what was heading down their path either.  So there is that.  Nonetheless, I still prefer to hope and trust in God's ability to move the hearts of men and women of good will.

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