Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Murphy Timken throws truth under the bus

Why I don't support the GOP in a nutshell.  This woman, Candice Keller, said what is obvious to sane people - that the moral collapse of our nation is at least a major factor in the rise of the violent acts we're seeing.  She also said what many Republicans and conservatives are more than happy to say behind the scenes.  But let the cameras roll, and what do 70% of Republicans do?  Just what Jane Murphy Timken is doing, and that's turn on their fellows so that the Progressives won't say mean things to them.  Embarrassingly pathetic.


  1. This how you got Trump. There was perception he stood behind his words.

    I'm starting to get nervous about who is going to follow him.

    1. Yep. Nothing explains Trump more than the GOP. About 2/3 of them seem more concerned about partying with the Democrats than being Republicans.


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