Friday, December 7, 2018

Today is a day to remember

A symbol of what America rebounded from
That day that should have lived in Infamy.  Here are some old postsHere is a nice plug for the best movie on the subject, even if it's not Hollywood entertaining.  We won't get into the spate of stories showing that millennials increasingly know nothing of this day.  There is not enough time to spend on what millennials don't know.  Some, no doubt, break that mold.  But as an old millennial troll named Andre used to demonstrate on my blog, for millennials any appeal to history will likely fall on deaf ears.  There simply isn't a reason to look at anyone in the past who didn't have the good sense to be as awesome as they are today.  Despite a staggering lack of evidence for why today is as awesome as everyone insists.

Pray for the generation of that terrible day on a Sunday December morning all those years ago. We saw the last examples of their character during the Bush funeral and the much under-reported salute of Bob Dole to his former comrade in arms.  As Rush Limbaugh said so well, it wasn't an example of how politics used to be.  It was an example of how people used to be. 

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