Saturday, January 5, 2013

A final Pearl Harbor Tribute

A moving clip of the destruction of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.  In addition to showing just why the 2001 movie Pearl Harbor sucked so bad (which hurts for the sake of the veterans), it does a good job explaining what happened, while keeping it human and real.  In 2001, we went to the Dublin Irish Festival.  In one of the merchant tents, and elderly gentleman had a cap on that sported the name USS Arizona.  I almost went up to talk to him.  There were only a few hundred who survived the conflagration.  He would have been one of them.  I wish I had said something, if nothing else, had said thanks.  Watch and enjoy.

A word of caution.  Watch it here if you can.  The actual YouTube page contains comments by some serious 'death to America' America haters, saying some horribly cruel and evil things.  So keep it here.  Hopefully the clip will last.


Just found this little gem from the superior Tora, Tora, Tora of the same scene depicting the end of the USS Arizona.  Superior to Pearl Harbor's version in every conceivable way.

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