Monday, January 21, 2013

When I read Leah Libresco

I'm reminded of my own warning that the Internet is filled with amateur apologists.  In Leah's case, she's a brand new convert.  When I was a convert to Christianity, I was pretty much still a liberal agnostic.  I just believed something about Jesus and God and hoped for forgiveness, there being parts of my previous life I felt were begging for forgiveness.  It would be many years before my old prejudice that was formed in the hallowed halls of a radically post-Christian and leftist state university would be replaced by teachings informed by the historic Christian faith.  Eventually, of course, that led me into the Catholic Church, but that's for some other time.

For now, as I read Leah's bold celebration of the hope for gay marriage, coupled with her continued preference for the wonder of gentle atheists, plus other strange posts, like one about praying for fictional sci-fi characters, I'm reminded that Leah is not just an amateur, but a babe in the faith.  She's just starting out.  And perhaps having a blog where she will be pulled in multiple directions by people who wish to pull her in multiple directions isn't the wisest course of action.  I know it was tough enough for me to come to grips with various elements of the faith and that was without a blog.  So here's my prayer, that she shuts down her blog and works out her faith in fear and trembling, and away from the spotlight of a million prowling trolls. Do a blog about Hobbits or something.  Or how cool it is to dress like your favorite Harry Potter character.  But working out such difficult things in the cross-hairs of 21st century discourse, I can't imagine it.  If she chooses to do so, she has my prayers.  And my sympathies.

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