Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Could gay scout masters be around the corner?

Looks like it's closer than ever.  One of the last holdouts against the Gay Rights juggernaut is beginning to crumble.  It's not easy to withstand a withering assault from multiple sides, while those who might defend you are splitting into a thousand fragments of varying opinions, blame games, and trying to get to the top of the hill. Whether it happens or not, I don't know.  Eventually it will.  Just like gay marriage will be the law of the land, and no matter how we slice it, those who reject such morality either will be consigned to the outer darkness, into the ghettos and treated like the second class citizens they are, or they'll find a way to conform to the new morality.  Conservatism can mean many things, which is why it's losing.  Liberalism, for the want of a better term, is a singular revolutionary worldview united for a common cause, which is why it's winning.

Update:  It must be in the bag, and a great thing to.  This story asks the searing question about what scouts and scout masters think  and guess what?  Every one of those quoted are in support of lifting the ban.  Why, that can only mean one thing: all scouts are 100% behind gay rights!  Must be true, the media says so.  I know, it's only Yahoo News, but still.

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