Saturday, December 29, 2018

When White became the new Jew

Or the new Black.  Yes, read this.  It is not a satire piece.  It is not The Onion, or Babylon Bee.  It is real.  A woman's march is canceled because there are too many Whites in it.  Whites are now to the Left what Jews were to Nazis, or Blacks to the KKK.  That so many who feel this are as white as a JCPenney sheet sale is irrelevant.  That only compounds the evil, for those whites who insist White means 'those other White types' will likely be willing to endure any evil visited against others who are white just to prove their fealty to the Left. 

Throughout the ages, things such as racism against Blacks evolved over many centuries.  It took generations and generations to see these things develop.  By the time confronting such evils was overdue, those who were immersed in such bigotry had generations of cultural conditioning behind them.

But today, we're seeing new bigotries emerge overnight.  In a matter of decades, the Left is teaching people to hate this or that demographic in ways that took some civilizations centuries to learn.  In my own lifetime, I've seen such bigotry germinate and bear fruit so fast that it is barely comprehensible.  And as a result, it will be far less forgivable. 

For those of old did not have previous generations and eras to learn from.  They were often illiterate, uneducated, and unaware of the flow of history. Today?  When people are more literate, more educated and more informed than any time in history?  Perhaps it goes to show that education is not the final answer.  It certainly goes to show that education alone won't prevent people from doing all the evil done in the past. 

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