Saturday, December 22, 2018

Democrats as enemies of Christianity

For your Christmas prayers, the Democratic Party is fast becoming open in its hatred of the Christian Faith and those who dare belong to its ministries.  In the footsteps of CAIR endorsed Bernie Sanders' statement, we are reminded that to be a member in good standing of certain traditional Christian traditions or ministries could preclude you from public service.

This is, of course, quite predictable.  The Left has long been supported and driven by forces sympathetic to an old Soviet style communism.  There is no room for religious - if any - freedom in their new land.  They'll suffer Islamic freedom, mostly out of fear, but also out of hopes for a mutual alliance against the common enemy.

In the meantime, they continue promising Americans endless debauchery, decadence, narcissism, and of course the broadened right to eliminate any unwanted humans that get in the way of their libidos.  The assurance is that if the government seems to be crushing rights and liberties, it will only be those other schmucks over there who it impacts.  After all, didn't you get gobs of trophies even when you lost and weren't you allowed to take tests over and over until you passed?  Obviously you're awesome.  It's only those other loser Americans who will lose their rights and liberties.

No, the modern Left - Marxist based and Bolshevik inspired -is fast revealing itself as the prime tool that Satan is using to attack Christ's Church.

If you think this is harsh, imagine a politician saying anything similar about Judaism, Atheism, Islam or any other belief system.  Yes, part of it is the radical, Nazi-like feminism that was once a caricature of radical anti-male feminism that is now mainstream feminism, but it's target is increasingly and only the Church. 

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