Thursday, December 20, 2018

The passive aggressive Mark Shea

Heh.  I saw this headline about Trump going 'all passive aggressive' on Ann Coulter.  Passive Aggressive?  That's a common insult today, especially on the Internet.  Believe it or not, it's an actual disorder and can be diagnosed.  Anyone with counseling training, however, knows you never - ever - diagnose anyone based on Social Media.  It might be possible to diagnose them if you can compare their real lives to what they do on Social Media.  But you need more than that parallel universe of unreality called the Internet to make a proper diagnosis.

But it's not really a diagnoses when used in most social media contexts. It's a petty insult, one of the more common types.  It reminds me of when boys used to call each other 'girl' as an insult back in the day.  Imagine that. 

Nonetheless, I was interested to see what Huffpost thought warranted the 'PA' label.  So I read the pithy little piece.  Apparently, per HP's keen diagnostic acumen, Trump blocking or unfollowing Coulter is what gets the Passive Aggressive label. 

Given the speed with which Mark Shea bans people, you have to admit there's some irony.   Projection possibly?  Again, he banned me after only a couple weeks just because I posted one of his own comments about George Soros being a supporter of murdering babies.  The post I pasted the old comment on was one Mark had written strongly suggesting that anyone who criticizes Soros does so because they love Hitler and hate Jews.  Because other readers commented on my little paste job before Mark could delete it is most likely why he threw his fit and banned me.

But I had to chuckle.  Mark's favorite insult to me, who doesn't ban anyone, and yet according to HP (which Mark has been known to reference as a valid news source), his favorite response to people is sign of passive aggression. They're wrong of course, as is Mark, but I had to laugh.  One reason among ten million why neither Huffpost, nor Mark Shea, should be listened to about anything under the sun if you're interested in truth.

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