Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pope Francis blasphemes the liberal gospel

By doing something in Uganda and things and stuff that have nothing to do with accepting the hatred of the morally superior liberal West has over those barbaric darkies who haven't converted to the dogmas of the Left and the celebration of gay sex.  Now, with that saying, I also renounce any violence and persecution of people with the abnormality of same sex attraction.

But the Left leaves precious few options.  Either, like Kim Davis, you are a bigoted hate mongering homophobic zealot who deserves to be stripped of your livelihood or thrown into jail to rot, or you must find yourself pushed into the chambers with those who would take the basic moral assumptions of human nature and abuse them through violence and hatred.

Because the Left, in its continued push for intolerance, self-righteousness, oppression, tyranny and censorship will suffer no diverse or digressing viewpoints, there seems nowhere else to turn.  Of course Francis, for his part, really isn't' mentioning the subject at all.  He's simply paying respect to those who were given the choice to renounce their traditional faith or face the consequences.

Perhaps that's why the propaganda ministry comes out with such a headline.  Not only is Pope Francis failing to convert to the priorities of the Left, but he is honoring those who were placed exactly where the Left would place the believers of today.  Sort of a double whammy for the Left if you think of it.

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