Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pope Francis is the one to judge

And judge brutally, without relenting.  If you are middle class or higher in the Democratic West, you suck.  Really.  Pope Francis repeatedly has made it clear that the last 2000 years of Christianity has got to go and we need to be right back to Acts chapter 2.  Anything else and it's the disgrace we are.  In his latest, he has made it clear that this war we are in is a war, and someone is guilty.  It's most likely those of us who plan on celebrating Christmas.  The whole Christmas season.  Oh please don't ask me why, I'm sure I don't know the reason.

But once again, Pope Francis goes to the world and proclaims that Christians, especially those in the West, are everything all the critics and haters have said they are.  They suck.  They're worthless and weak, complete with pledge pins on their uniforms.  Just like the Democratic, capitalist West they are part of. The poor are off the hook.  Those who indulge in the sins of the Left?  Why, that's when the judging comes to a screeching halt.  But if you struggle to have a middle class family and enjoy a little celebration in Christmas?  Why, you're everything the foes of the Faith say you are.  

I sometimes wonder if this is why so many on the blogosphere use the Pope as nothing more than a Francis shaped cudgel with which to bludgeon other Catholics who aren't as awesome as they are.  If they really listened to what Francis said, they'd be selling everything, giving it to the poor, and living in poverty and starvation.  Anything less, and no matter how many other Catholics they accuse, the fact remains they are the disgraces to the Gospel they imagine everyone else to be. 


  1. Sorry, I do not see where the pontiff has turned to living in poverty. He has a floor of a nice hotel with meals and service provided, does he not? He travels in style even if in a sort of sardine can when he arrives somewhere. He looks to be getting enough to eat. And he is 'judging' and name calling ALL the time! He seems to have little regard for rosary praying people, large families, those who follow the teachings of Christ and His Church.

    When this pope proclaims the Kingship of Christ, the evil of sins such as sodomy is, and calls people to the Roman Catholic Church, proclaims a fast and rosary crusade to confront the onslaught of islam, well maybe then I will look to him for some sort of leadership.

  2. M.Prodigal, you've said it perfectly.

    Catholics consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary pray the Holy Rosary faithfully, as Our Blessed Mother has asked repeatedly. The Pope dismisses them as "bead counters." Loving husbands and wives accept children from God joyfully? Francis mocks them as "breeding like rabbits."

    All my life, I never found any reason to disrespect a Successor of Peter. Now I know how the faithful must have suffered under the Borgias.

  3. M. Prodigal, hello. To be honest, i never said he was saying he was doing these things. He just continues ruthlessly and brutally smashing down everything associated with Middle Class Western living. And yes, as Pat said, the fact that he leaves the sins of the left alone while at times almost dismissing anything associated with traditions and even devotions of the non-liberal faithful continues to make it difficult to believe he isn't a liberal at heart.


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