Friday, November 27, 2015

Pope Francis continues with the liberal narrative

Once again, Pope Francis echoes the assumptions of liberalism.  In this case, Man Made Global Warming.  I'm not saying there is no climate change.  Of course there is.  Every time I look out the window and don't see glaciers, I'm reminded of climate change.  Likewise, I'm the last to think that our approach to industrialization was altogether spot on, and am reminded that we should be at least skittish when it comes to giving blank checks to that portion of humanity that thinks science and math and engineering are the sum total of what can make the world awesome.

But there is a religion of Climate Change that coincides with the religion of liberalism.  In this, evil Western Capitalists and their ways have brought the world to ruin and only by accepting the solutions of liberal, socialist elitists can we be saved.  Oh, and anyone who disagrees, or in any way questions the already proven MMGW is part of the Vast [fill in the blank with your favorite conservative group] conspiracy.

So Pope Francis goes to struggling Africa, where faithful African Catholics are being brutally intimidated into accepting Western Liberal Colonialism, and decides to go off on ... Climate Change.  And he does so in perfect lock-step with the liberal narrative: It is proven.  We are all going to die if we don't do anything now.  Anyone who disagrees is part of a vicious conspiracy.

Again, you can insist that Pope Francis is simply objectively faithful and pure in his manifestation of the True Catholic Faith.  Or you can probably get to the easier interpretation and admit he's a product of liberal, socialist, pseudo-Marxist Latin American liberation theologies with heavy sympathies toward modern, progressive ideals.  I'd like to accept the first interpretation, but to be honest, I don't have the faith.

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