Friday, November 27, 2015

Islam and Islamic Terrorism

Something we don't talk about in America.  We don't think about in America.  We're not allowed to even consider in America.  Islam is simply some element of the superior non-Western world wanting to sing John Lennon songs and embrace the awesomeness of Us (whoever Us happens to be).  If there are problems, it's some extreme version of hardcore fundamentalists who only hate us because the Wicked Rich of the West made them hate us.  That is the official narrative.

And yet, my contact with individuals from non-Western cultures, be them priests from Africa or Orthodox Christians from Syria, suggests our dominant acceptable narrative is about as close to reality as television's Survivor is really about survival skills.

In this excellent piece, the National Catholic Register bothers to do some homework and look at the possibility that the liberal narrative as espoused by President Obama might not be Gospel truth.  Not that I'm an expert myself.  But I've learned to distrust much of the leftist narrative, be suspect of the leftist agenda, and based on those outside of the media narrative loop, think the CR piece might be closer to truth than what we hear on CNN or the Huffpost.

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