Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why is Tim Tebow hated by the modern Left?

Because of this.  Wow!  I mean, if that was me would I have the same character?  I don't know. But I know that nothing intimidates the Left more than those who refuse to live according to the Left's narratives.

I realize that the question of Tebow's playing style in the NFL was a fair one.  His approach to playing that brought about a Heisman and made him one of the most successful college football quarterbacks of all time was a matter of debate even in his heyday.

But make no mistake.  The hatred, the loathing, the shut out and the jeering are the result of Tebow not only talking the talk of commitment to his faith, but he living it.  This is something that Christians - and in fact all believers who would not be beaten down by the secular Left - should rally around and support.  Whether Catholics will or not remains to be seen.  His appeal to the Catholic blogosphere is a hit and a miss, as is the appeal of most things non-liberal Protestant.

Nonetheless, I tip my hat to a better man than I am.  Well done Mr. Tebow.  Keep being a light in a world where so many are wanting our lights extinguished.

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  1. Well... go Tim.

    These stories of our brothers standing against the horde should be shared far and wide. I offer up: Doug TenNapel. Animator. Video game maker. Christian.


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